Monday, June 25, 2007

ah, sch's been kinda okay tdy?
chem, mr liu's nice.
but i was damn afraid he would call on me.
cause i think i forgot almost everything?
he's nice :D
he asked abt my baluku thing on my head.

then it was english.
new7wonders, darn.
they shldnt choose new wonders.
then we wont hv to do all this.
yuckk. then boring.

recess was soso?
kookoo cut her hair!
cute can! hamsterrrrr.

ahah, then maths.
it passed really quickly today.
is it passed or past?
amandaaaaa genius! answer me!
ahah. then was CEP.
nth much, passed quite quickly too.

geog was nxt.
wow, i copied everything he wrote okay.
nd me nd yuqian gossiped a little.
with timotheus there laughing away nd eavesdropping.
ah, there's people thinking i steal boyfs.
lol, they think i too much 昧力.
ah i dont know if its that mei4.
but yeah, get the drift.
ahaha drifttttt, initialD ytd.
lol, yah.
nd there are people afraid of their boyfs being in the same grp as me during camp.
totally LOL.
i just think guys are nicer to talk to okay!

yeah, so whatever.
omg, im posting abt every single subject i had tdy.
oh yes, during geog, i met ashley.
she's totally nice okay.
nd we joked abt ashleigh. ahah.
tht's so funny.

dont view my blog using internet explorer!
it makes my blog really really ugly.
i scream when i see it you know!
LOL, funny.
anywwwwww, yeah.
if you're gna see the photos at jumpymosquitos,
use mozilla.
you wont be able to view it using ie.
sorry for the inconvenienceeeeeeee.
its worth it! you can see my pretty face.
okayyyy, got nth much anymore.

gna watch campus later.
with yuqiannn, twj, gz, maylynn, jessabelle nd audrey.
ah 3 more tickets!
anyone wants?
or anyone random wants its though i dont know you?
ahah. funny.
rodson pangseh cause of a particular someone.
ah rah!

i want to go back to campppp.
then there wont be school.

pretty picture, also edited by kookoo :D

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