Thursday, November 17, 2011

Supz, im back!!!!!!!
Thought i would be mega comfortable back in my safe haven but no, im feelin a lil weird.
The layout of Blogger has changed and i am change-averse!!!!!!!!
LOL im acting like sucha technophobe:/
Oh well, gna deal with it.
& do up a whole new blogskin etc aft As!!
Cause by then, i'll have all the time in the world to twirl my hair 24/7 and sit in front of the com tryna figure out what actually is going on.

There's still a tinge of nerdiness in me so i have to stress on how shit As were.
I feel that i didnt perform up to standards, i know my time management skills suck and i still didnt do shit about it and it pretty much caused me a hell lot of marks.
I think im gna disappoint.
Comparing to prelims, i really dont know which is easier/tougher/shittier.
Like for Chem, i thought it was much better. But Maths, dont get me started on that. I came out bawling after Paper1! #nerdmaxiknowdontjudge I was distracted, lazy & just being myself. LE SIGH.
I think a major factor was complacency.
& i know there are bound to be people who will be sore and all, saying that i'll be alright despite ranting so much and im just being ____(insert word yourself). Tell you what suckas, i'll gladly let you flame the shit out of me if i get my As.

I sound like a angsty teenager now & that's probably what i am,
linking to MY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!
(I know there is no not much link)
gif creator

Went out with this lovely bunch on one of the days!
(My birthday lasts a month^^)
& halfway through thissssss, figuring out blogger etc,
& my photobucket aint linking here + if i upload images i'll have to go one by one?! IDK.
Will figure this out aft As, SO NO MORE PHOTOS AS OF NOW.
I know you feel damn cheated, xoxo

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& b, this is to you^^
(& everybody else who is free enough to waste their time cracking this xoxo you have been warned.)010010000110000101101001001000000110110101111001001000000110000101110111011001010111001101110101011011010010000001100010001011000010000001001001001000000100110001001111010101100100010100100000010110010100111101010101