Monday, January 09, 2012


Promise to update asap!!
To Do List:
1. New Year's Eve + hello 2012
2. K+2's Chalet 4-6th Jan
3. 7th Jan Wavehouse flea
Much too lazy to mess around with the photos & all so pardon me please people i luv y'all!

But 2012 has been great SO FAR, which isnt as i expected earlier. STILL, it hasnt even been one month into the new year.

8th Jan, today!!!!!!
My mumsie's birthday & she came home at 4am drunk and being super retarded! She kept shouting 'i love you' to me, and whatsapped me loveydovey stuff which i never heard before. I WAS HAPPY, like a lark, till she told me during the car ride to dinner that she remembers nothing. Sigh, such is my life. HAHA still,
ALSOOOOOOOO, today marks my 16th monthsary with the boy! I know its not exactly very long but it feels as if we have been together for a million years!! Someone come save me from this RUT. HAHAHA kidding! I love this boy more and more each day i cant believe it myself^^ He has been much too sweet that i take him for granted all the time, frowns at self. But he loves me all the same and i couldnt ask for more. He makes me smile when im sad/grouchy/annoyed/every possible angsty mood there is and he never complains! Okay he does but he doesnt actually mind, LOL or does he? UGH.
Hahahaha anyway, Fiona wished us happy 16th & said the sweetest thing ever. She said we complement each other so well its amazing(: I think so too hehehe im such a sucker for loverydovey stuff i think im melting right now. Okay enough is enough, im bursting into little bubbles with smiley faces on them. Hehehe & i love the way we give each other hugs that suffocates the other, *squeezeeeeee