Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exactly 2 more weeks.

Till my boy heads into army.
Honestly it's damn conflicting!!!!
I feel so excited for him & stuff like that, cause he gets to make new friends(hopefully awesome ones) and he gets to learn & grow(im assuming here that this happens to all guys in army so pardon me if im wrong).
++ he is definitely not weak physically so he is pretty hyped out about all the physical stuff.

For me, i'll rather take As for the two years than to do army.
But that's not the point.

(Btw pardon his face, he is alwaysssss so retarded ^^)

So yup, im excited for him.
BUTTTTT on the other hand, i am damn worried!!!
Mentally he'll miss me like krazy konfirm.
& his family of course, plus his freedom/sleep/dota/etc.
How he survive w/o me by his side!!
LOL keedingz, he can la!

But im so worried, like if anyth happens to him?
& from recent reports, all the army can do aft smth happens is to apologize and say they 'send their deepest condolences to the family'.
I know there's nothing else they can do but it doesnt help the family ONE BIT i swear.
I sincerely hope with all my heart & life & $$ & life again that this kinda shiz wont happen.
It will be so terrible :'(
Touch a million times.
Really cannot tank.

& i dont want him to get heat rash, or muddy, or upset about it:(
Hmmmm thinking about it, i think its the mentality.
Like if he enjoys it, it will be a breeze.
If not, it will be dreadful & by droning on and on about it wont do him good.
So hopefully my boy will be able to hang tough!!
(In your words b!)
Spam you with optimism *piu piu piu!!
Okay, to all the army guys reading this post and being all 'duh, army sure get heat rash/tio mud/sian what, this girl think what', I KNOW.
I know these kinda things will happen but obviously i hope for the best for Leslie!!

Like he'll have fun and remain safe, that's all that matters.