Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So long 2011, hello 2012.

Day #3 of the new year!
Lifestyle hasnt changed one bit though,
im blogging at 1.26am while waiting for my runningman to load.

2011 has been good but i may have been too caught up in my near perfect 2010 to love 2011. Or maybe, too caught up in STUDYING.
2011 has been a year of intense mugging, from early mornings to weeeee hours.
It has been a trying period of time 
BUT at least, for me, it wasnt as bad as it was said to be.
Maybe due to the fact that i have super supporting friends whether they are gng through the same shit or not, an understanding(at times) family and a boyfriend who never fails to turn my frowns into smiles, thankful.

Im not trying to sound like a pessimist, but i really am not looking forward to 2012.
Esp with Leslie gng into army, though im pretty sure it will be fine and all cause we get to talk on the phone at night, i think i'll still miss him.
(Btw someone experienced with this whole shit please let me know what they can or cannot do!)

With results coming around March, with >6 months to burn,
i feel like i'll be wasting my year.
It will just be like taking a gap year.
I'll get a job, yes. Hopefully a fulfilling one.
& maybe think about where i wanna go aft i get my results.
I think the real reason i feel like i wont fancy 2012 is because i'll have to make lotsa decisions regarding my future and that i wont have to wear a school uniform anymore >:(
I like being a nerd.

Oh yes, and adult fare.
But my mum's an angel, she giros all my transport fees and she doesnt mind so actually its not that big of a deal. I think i just dont like hearing the 'ti' instead of 'ti ti'.
+++ i'll be hitting TWENTY SAY WHUT?!

There, many reasons why my 2012 dont look a wee bit promising to me.
Whatever it is, i'll try my utmost to make 2012 a BLAST.

While waiting for Leslie to pass me the photos on NYE, here are some from 28th Dec!
With Amelia, Deb, Kelvin & Wanlin!
To celebrate xmas and Wanlin's super belated 19th!
Fiona didnt come cause she had mad committments:(

Went up Orchard Central!
Guess what Kelvin exclaimed aft taking this shot of us?!
Kelvin 'OMG everybody can be seen except ONE person!'
*breaks into mad laughter.
Who else, but me!!!!!!!!!
The joke bout me being black never gets old huh?
But srsly, why cant i be seen!! HAHA
So i decided to give it a lil flash, & wala!
Stoned face.

 Hung at Acid Bar for awhile aft, ordering only 3 drinks.
Bet the staff hates us, LOL
Oh yes, Deb's friend Zhenhao joined us.
Deb, Zhenhao & I left for Phuture aft and pui, we ended up at Riverside Hotel.
Drank healthy mushroom soup before getting a bottle of Vodka.
& yes, i had a fun time holding up her hair while she vomitted and refused to take her head out of the toilet bowl the petrol station LOL
Sarcasm intended.

Bye guys & till next time!
Will blog about my countdown etc etc!