Saturday, June 30, 2012



Hi y'all!
Long time since i've been blogging but here i am againnnnn^^v
Anyway, have been deciding for awhile if i should come back to blogging.
& i thought to myself, why not!
I really missed this place, my little haven.
Okay more on that later!

+++ gng back to blogging means i get to go for fun events such as the...
(Organised by Far East Organization & Nuffnang!)

I was reaaaally excited about it once i got the confirmation.
Like i kept telling Rachel about it and how awesome it is
cause it is a game of wit rather than a game of speed.
If you have been reading since long long ago,
you'll know how running brings me to tears.

Hillsta is the first of its kind in Choa Chu Kang!
It has like THREE different housing options!
SOHO, Condo and Townhouse!
(Pardon the exclamation marks, im excited LOL)

Anyway, it is super interesting because usually,
it is always just condominiums and that's that.
I really like the concept of the three housing options.
My personal favourite is the Townhouse!!!
It is super amazing and like there's a pool in each townhouse.
With two storeys, a basement & a roof garden.
Kept pestering Leslie to explore that particular showflat w me.
The SOHOs were not bad also, the place can be utilised to its fullest!
I love the high ceilings!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a short presentation before the race.
So Leslie & I were super attentive cause the race has got to be about Hillsta.
I was so retarded i started memorising numbers like how many units are there in total.
& a few things we found out!

Hillsta's concept revolves around this word 'Satoyama'.
'Sato' being arable and 'Yama' mean mountain.
So like it is beside a hill & there's like this forest-y area behind!
Close to nature!


It is super accessible,
like a 3 min walk to Phoenix LRT,
7 min walk to Junction 10 & 12 mins(?) to Bukit Panjang Plaza.
So during the race, all the 6 stations were really close to each other!
We had to do the race on foot, and like the stations were really near!

Okayyyyy on to the race!
We were given 2 hours to cover the 6 stations!
- Phoenix LRT
- Junction 10
- Bukit Panjang Plaza
- Bukit Panjang LRT
- Teck Whye Food Centre
- Busstop outside Hillsta (bonus station)

We can go whereever we wanted first!
So wheeeeeee, we started off w a bang!

Cause you see, this ^^^ is called a GAMECARD.
& like it has all the information etc on it.
& guess what!!
LOL like right after we step out of Hillsta and started towards our 1st station.
I realised i wasnt holding it anymore........
hahaha wts, panic mode straight away!

Like in the variety show Amazing Race, it would be the equivalent of the important yellow clue.
We went to the first station & like told the station master that i lost it.
But thank goodness we dont need it to verify or smth!
HAHA too stressed up alrrrrr.

Yup, went around the stations and completed the tasks!
We'll get 'Hillsta dollars' for every task we complete,
the amount according to how fast we did it.
& at the end of each station we had to do something funny for the station masters!
It was super upsetting hahahahhaha
Okay, we managed to get extra Hillsta dollars though!
I gave a pathetic joke for one and he did a handstand for another.
He sang payphone too and that was the round we got the most extra Hillsta dollars(Y)

A picture of us at one of the stations!
Task was to hurry snap a picture of us w Hillsta at the back! Pardon my omg im gna die face...

It was fun, seeing all the other bloggers & ourselves go all out to win the race!

Like people were scurrying everywhere and being very excited about it, i like (:
Made some friends along the way as well!

In the end, this team called 'Pajamas' won!
The girl was really enthusiastic though, doing lots of funny things for the Hillsta $!
But of course, the prize was super enticing!
S$1,500 worth of Orchard Central Vouchers!!

Aft the race we had a short buffet lunch and a lucky draw!
My boy won a S$50 voucher for Junction 10 hahahahahaha
& we each had S$5 in our goodie bag.
Decided to go there to spend it straight away in case we dont drop by,
and saw other bloggers there wanting to spend their 5bucks as well!

We went to Giant & bought lots of necessities LOL

I know we are a very auntie&uncle pair.
We wanted to buy RICE & OIL HAHAHAHA
But end up buying fbts, chips, wet wipes, facial wash etc hahahah
See how near Hillsta is to a Giant which has everything ;)

Yup yup!
All in all, it was a fun experience!!!
I love events like that, thanks Nuffnang + Far East Organization!
& honestly, i like the townhouse so much i can't stop telling his parents and my family about it.
More info here! >>>>>>>

Oh yessss, the lost game card?
We found it while walking back, on the grasssssss!
Us aft the race!!