Friday, December 14, 2012


This was the day before 121212 before my phone ran out of batt leaving me with no photos for the rest of the day!
Really need to have more photos in this space,
or it's just gna be me and my ramblings.
I'm sure you find photos a nice add on also, don't you!!

Well, found out that taking photos while waiting for the MRT to come is a no-go.
The bad lighting makes me such a hater!!
Well, but Corrine wants her face here so here it is!

Well, yesterday was another impromptu date with Corrine!
Went shopping etc, to get gifts & all.
Found ourselves in Little India!
Had to get the BRAND'S InnerShine Christmas gift pack from Nuffnang!
(Advertorial coming up soon! Might have a giveaway^^)
Well, Clementi > Nuffnang's office > City Square Mall > Vivo was the first half of my day!

Met Leslie + Yingwei aft that to get Dephanie from the airport!
She's coming back aft 3 months overseas!!!
HAHA & yes, the 3 of us sent her the other time as well.
Had Astons w Leslie & Yingwei first^^
We had a bottle of Snapple each and Leslie & I got Fun fact #761 & #762!
Found it such a coincidence considering that I had Mango Madness & he had Kiwi Strawberry!
Hehe #couplepower 
& yes, I'm mighty cheesy.

Well, glad Dephanie's back!
This December will be much more fun w her around as well^^
Photos are with her, will update this post later on!
Got to head to Yishun to get the Mr!