Thursday, February 28, 2013


Feeling a little chatty today!

School's out, recess week they call it. Midterms are next week and I'm not even near touching my notes. Being a uni student is oddly relieving, but only till after finals when results are back. Cause that's when I'll realize it's not the least bit relieving/relaxing. But knowing the consequences, I'm still not putting my pen to the paper and my concentration is at an all time low. I can't even phrase myself properly now, as you obviously can tell from the above. Oh well, school woes be gone.

Wanted to share about my trip to the Mint Museum earlier this year & am finally gna do it!! NOW.
Went there on 3rd Jan with Leslie, first date of 2013!

Started our day with splendid thai food at this quaint place called First Thai!
 That's me with my phad thai & him with his green curry!
It's 2.42am now and I'm really hungry....

Headed tooooooo the Mint Museum of Toys after!
It's just around the corner~
 The place was pretty small but it was so organized!!
5 storeys of toys, each level being a particular category!

We started from the top floor! Level 5 - Outerspace.
All the toys were related to Outerspace so we saw rockets, astronauts, starwars, flash gordon and the likes!
(I'm aware of the really bad lighting #hate)

& this robot is worth ~USD15,000!

Here's Leslie having a 'stare off' with the demon/alien guy. Creepy much.

 Next up, 4th floor - Characters!
This is probably my favourite level! So many familiar characters!

Only four known to exist in the world and the owner has one!!! USD14,000..
Can you name all of the characters???
Astro, Casper, Flintstones, Snoopy, Noddy, Tintin, Popeye, Batman, Superman, good old memories!

Here's me w Captain Haddock!
(I googled 'Captain in Tintin' to find out his name hehe)
Snuck photos between floors! HAHA
We are a weird couple.....

Anyway, next floor!!
Okay, I thinkthis floor's on par with Characters hahaha
 This Mickey must have been made a long long time ago!!

Donald Duck, Mickey, Betty Boop and Snow White!
All the classics.

We stayed on the 3rd floor for quite awhile!
 There were seats for us to sit down, chat a little and just soak up the atmosphere.
Really relaxing, I would say!

& at the 3rd floor, there was this small area of see through glass floor all the way through to the 1st floor!
 Was pretty afraid of standing on that but I overcame my fear because......
I wanted to take a photo with the Ultraman!!
 Hehe, more photos at the 3rd floor.

Finally, reluctantly, left the 3rd floor for the 2nd!
 Was a little confused cause isn't everything on all 5 floors considered collectables?
ANYWAY that doesn't matter hahahaa

Here are some of the collectables!
& after looking at these photos, I think the collectables section is comparable to the previous 2!
Do you recognise these things?!
The skipping rope, tops, five stones, marbles etc. Childhood games!
I remember playing all these little things in primary school!

(I really like my primary school! Nan Hua Primary, for those who don't know. Seriously the best place for a kid to learn about everything from basic courtesy, right and wrong to ace-ing your PSLE HAHA #advertisementmuch The surroundings were conducive, the teachers so patient and the friends made there, they don't change and that's just the best part. I just met my P6 bunch the day before Valentine's day and everybody's still the same. Wherever we go, whatever we are doing now, everybody still has that same vibe, same personality and I don't know exactly how to put it but it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.)

HAHA Unexpected input.
Will update more about the gathering on another day!
 (See what I mean about them being so organized!)

 & here's the Mr resting his feet... #toocute

& here's me with Astro.
After that was back to the 1st floor where they have the Mint Shop.
& yup, that pretty much sums up our trip to the Mint Museum! 
I hope I didn't bore you, this really isn't one of my best! 
& I'm gonna give the excuse that I HAVE SCHOOL WOES.
That has to be reason enough!
 Really had lots of fun with Leslie, glad that we decided to explore this space!
Really amazed at how these items can carry such high prices and how detailed the owner is in his collection!
We don't usually think so much about toys so it was pretty enriching as well!

Thank you Les for always bringing me to quirky places because I like to explore and thank you for having thai food with me although you don't fancy it and thank you for always making me smile^^

Heh, obligatory tickets shot.
(I always take them when we watch musicals/plays or go on outings hehe)