Monday, August 19, 2013

With a wee bit

heh hellooooooooo.
This is pretty funny cause I think I'm experiencing online awkwardness?
It's been a reaaaaaaally long time since I've blogged! 
Been thinking about blogging on and off but I don't get down to doing it.
So since I'm trying to print my notes and I saw this cute post from my EC2012 prof, I've decided to put up this short post!
He titled this 'Hope this will not become the story of your semester :-)'
 New school semester:
At the first week:

At the second week:

Before the mid-term test:

During the mid-term test:

After the mid-term test:

Before the final exam:

Once know the final exam schedule:

7 days before final exam:

6 days before final exam:

5 days before final exam:

4 days before final exam:

3 days before final exam:

2 days before final exam:

1 day before final exam:

A night before final exam:

1 hour before final exam:

During the final exam:

(& I'm way too lazy to get rid of that excess grey area)

Really hope it won't turn out like that again....
Took EC2102, EC3101, EC3322, GEM2901 and GEK1520 this sem!
& I know I wanted to do reviews and all for the previous sems, maybe I'll get down to that but maybe and most probably I don't deem myself fit cause I'm seriously floating around in school.
Well, gotten emails about what am I taking in FASS and questions about the mods I take.
Glad that this space kind of helped some of you but do rmb all these are entirely my own opinions!

Okkkk got to go print!