Sunday, June 24, 2007

lol im damn bored.
so i did quizzes.
cause some people's still asking for the link to camp photos.
its hereee, jumpymosquitos.blogspot
i flooded away the post with it.
with all my random boring stuff.
sorry if im boring you. ahah.

weirdenating from ashleigh-tionary.
so cool righttttt :D

nd then,
"there's no such thing as a male bimbo, cause males are too smart."
-damien the male bimbo

ahaha. so cute.
i really miss talking to ashleigh, damien nd twj.
eric nd howard too.
didnt get to talk much with eric nd howard anymore =(
ash damien nd twj can rly cheer me up :D
nd twinny twin is so nice.
we are like amaaaazingly telepathic okay.
we did the same thing.
ahah, nd ash's just great alright.
damien makes me happy.
ahaha, im seriously thankful for these great friends.
i can tell them anything without caring if they got a problem with it.
ahaha, no, im not unreasonable.
we can share things just like tht.
i love you guyssssssss.

off to play neopets? =x

} great people who stand by me.

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