Sunday, June 24, 2007

peekaboo, i see you.

i miss amandaffffff.
its not random! i rly miss her! =(
ahhhhhh, poo.

nd i dont know.
im so sian.
woke up this morning nd my eyes were glued shut.
nd there's those shit-like things in my eyes.
nd then once i open them, yeah, water.
nd then my bladder's hurting.
or is it my stomach.
ah dumb, i dont know.
its just pain. poof.

sch's reopening tmr.
why cant it remain shut. damn.
i dont want to go back.
i think i need a year's rest or smth like tht.
yeah, im serious. a year, or even two.
ugh, life's pissing me off.

im so so so pissed again.
i hate school.
oh yes, tuition tdy.
ahah, i kept making careless mistakes.
nd the teacher kept laughing at me =(
lol, so funny.
mummy, if you see this, im not not concentrating okay!
i am!

i dont know what to post anymore.
rah, this is weird.

anyw, tag me :D

the bloody timetable for term3.
ughh, hope open space's for slacking.

nd i miss this retardddddddddd =(

} you said it so clear last night.
i wish i didnt hv ears or eyes. ahah.

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