Saturday, June 23, 2007

ah hello.
nth much happened today.
just booboobaabaaing here.

the campus superstar thing.
i've got ten tickets now.
me, yuqian, jessabelle going.
jwee, maylynn, yihua, jiemin, twj, audrey, guanzhi might be going.
yeahhh, i dont know anymore, anymore ore ore ore.
ah dumbdumb.
yeah, but dno if can not.
so if you want go, tell me. lala.
monday, 6.30 be at mediacorp.
nd then it will end either after the singing or the results.
i dont know.

recent campus, jiajun nd javin out.
yay! i dont like jiajun xD
javin's okay.
lala, boommmm

got nth much to do now.
lala, watching jackywu.

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