Sunday, January 02, 2011


*Late post btw!!
With my dearest S09 Clique!!!

pimp myspace - Gickr
LOL Kelvin isnt even doing anything hahahahha damn funny omg.

First up, as usual, was shopping!
+ taking photos along the wayyyyyyyyyy.
I spent like srsly alotttt i feel so broke yet happy!
Accessorize half price, of course buy more rightttt.
+ Zara + all the random shops!!!
& look, i got back the same bag that im using.
Cheap + can stuff alot of things + can match everything!

& we had Manhattan fish market.
Every few minutes 'Guest in!' 'Hello welcome!'
O.m.g. annoying!
But i guess that's their job so fineeee.

All of us got gifts like half unisex & half for girls
cause we all thought its like a 1 in 5 chance that Kelvin will get ours,
its only 20% what!!
But(BIG but) we all got such gifts so poor Kelvin!
& darn he got mineee, Famous Amos + pink gingerbread earphones.
LOL The rest said the earphones cute plz!!!
Got me face masks + lotsa Muji food from Amelia Tsannn :D

& deb got us keychains from Taiwan!! Sweeeeeet:D
Fiona got the Hippo, Wanlin got the Sheep which i think its a Rabbit i mean just look at it, Amelia got the Owl, I got the Penguin with the pink string i love the pink string, Kelvin got the Horseeee.

Walked + shopped arnd abit more & i joined the 'moping around' gang cause if i shop anymore i wont be able to shop again with Melody + Mag.

Sat down at The Society Cafe afterwards
& gosh, we talked about life right from the start to the end.
Death came in after there was this really loud rumbling at Plaza Sing.
It was after Deb left & im srs, it was scary.
But we were still joking + fooling around!!
'HAHA tmr deb see the news & found out her 5 friends died how.'
& Plaza Sing was retarded srsly.
They made the announcement during the rumbling instead of after.
& their sound system wasnt really good so it was super muffled.
Alright goodbye!
Second day of 2011 & im still spending it like its the holidays.
Good luck to me.