Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy 5th!

Sorry to post photos of him again, its like everywhere.
Bless your poor souls.
HAHA i kid! Isnt he the cutest!
Taken using Andigraf(Y)
Anyway, im here just to brag about how blessed i am:D
Edit/ Okay i actually typed something that reaaally made my day last week but nahdazilch i decided against it.

Im the luckiest girl alive, that's all i can say
So contented with life right nao!!!!


Madness, i saw a man kicking his girlf on the sidewalk!!!
Was on my way home when i saw a couple quarreling.
It was a malay couple, both in their 20s?
Idk but they look older than me that im suresxz.
The girl shrugged the guy's hand off & the guy pushed her to the ground!
Then he went backwards & ran forward, KICKING HER HEAD.
Goodness man!!
Machiam like a football, the guy is such a bastard!!

Two uncles in frnt of me stopped & stared
but the violent guy was like 'SEE WHAT SEE!'
So it was pretty scary..
I thought of helping her but im like sucha noobkidz i.will.get.punched.
The girl got kicked like twice. Her head you know!!
& the girl was screaming:(

Alot of people were walking past(mostly elderly) so the guy picked her up & they sat at the stairs.
I was walking homez so idk what happen.
I wouldnt say i wished i helped, cause i didnt.
& if i really wanted to, i would have.
Then its all about me being selfish & unhelpful again, :(

But whatever it is, the girl shldnt be with that guy anymore.
I mean, what kind of guy actually kicks his girl in the head?!
Doesnt make sense to me, esp if the girl decides to stay with him.
Then she's just stupid & blind.
All that shit she says about loving him too much is just retarded & immature right?
My point of view.

If my lee wen li ever kicks me in the head on the sidewalk where there are a million people walking past or a million people driving past, i would....
Okay i dont even need to think about it because i know he'll never ever do that:D
I love you b!