Saturday, February 19, 2011

Times Square cant shine as bright as you ♥

Hai guys!

Got a shock just nao cause everything i typed in blogger was hindu.
This is 'I love you' in hindu...... लव यू!
Oh its hindi. It is the same thing right?
Okay whateverrr, that's not the point!

Anyway, this was my awesome vday!!!

I know its just about every other day, but i guess its just the fun of giving!
I cant stop getting stuff for my boy.
& his fav was the Famous Amos lololol supa gooddd, got him a big pack!
But due to that pack of cookies, smth evil happened:(
Oh well, glad everything's fine now!

Well, photos?

Xiangliang got us bahloons!!!!
She came over with four heartshaped balloons,
& we thought she was giving them to someone on behalf of someone if you get what i mean.
If not its fine lol!
I like spelling balloons as bahloons, or rather i like pronouncing it like that.

Leslie got me four & kianhao got me one! *BEAMSS!
I love how it floats around my house & scratches my ceiling!
Kinda scares me cause i'll think its a bird flapping its wings or something.
Hoho my favvvv cause its the only one the boy drew on LOL

Waited for K+2 to end! All of them end at 6pm!!
Madness right! + last period PE. HA-HA-HA.
I hate PE. (kkkkkk enough on that!!!)


decided to spend it with K+2 although they are 'willing to excuse us' LOL
Funny only.
We had like gift exchange, cause we're lame like that!
Guys got a gift meant for girls & vice versa!

For the guyssss,

Chris had Corrine's,
Leslie had Jessie's (which is always the best gift! -> adidas shoebag this time round! & leslie always gets it!! So happy for him hahahahaaaaaaa:D Went to get it w Jessie! )
Dengyang had mine!

& the girls!

I had Leslie's(which is really retarded cause i bought it for him to exchange!),
Corrine had Christopher's & Jessie had Dengyang's.
Well, do you even care who got what, LOL.

Zichar was goodddd, now im hungry thinking abt food!!!
Yup, was a pretty good day & im just thankful that Leslie's always there for me no matter what, lalalaaaaa~

& since a few of my guy friends went to army,
i've been thinking about what i'll do when my boy goes to the army!!!
I'll be emonemo & i will snap at everybody i see! *FROWNS.
Hahaha actually im happy for him cause he's excited.
(I know there's like another year or so before that happens but its like just a thought!)
But i think its gna be evil & tough there cause nothing that has to do with physical training of any sort can be fun. Seriously!
Oh well, we'll deal!

& two days ago, Total Defence Day........

Nothing much, just that it was really retarded w Claire, Wenhui & Eunice.
We actually tried to go into the megatron truck that expands...while we were in the rain.
WE DIDNT SUCCEED & ran back to shelter after that.
Even the umbrella couldnt save us from the rain.
Got me a new bag & its waterproof!!
SO HAHA at least my bag isnt wet!
1. Photo w Wenhui & army guyz.
2. Saw Kaiwen there & snapsnap took a photo!
Terrible forehead i knowwww.
I like the first photo cause i thought my forehead wasnt that bad.
& oh, you can see my new bag!
Anyway, pinned my fringe up in school nowadays cause its more refreshing.
Actually, i dont care, \m/ Im cool like that.

Okayyyyyyy, see you guys soonz!
Hugs & kisses XOXO