Monday, March 07, 2011

41 Clementi Ave 1.

Yes, that's where NAN HUA HIGH SCHOOL is.
I cant believe im on the verge of tears just by the mere mention of nh on twitter.
#nhtoocool is trending & being retweeted!

Idk who or what started it, but students started tweeting about their school!
At first i thought it was pretty annoying(sorry guys!), but aft seeing all the #nhtoocool tweets, i cant help but feel compelled to retweet them all!
Its so nostalgic & every single memory is so clear!

I rmb our <3412 days where we pushed the whole row of lockers & yanling went in to uncover all the lost items(calculator, curve rulers etc..i still have the video!!), when we get so excited for the sports meet cause the girls were so gna win(I hope you get hit by a 312, a really fast one), when every single one of us changed our pm so we were about the same(mine was 'I hope you get hit by a Charlene, a really bimbo/pretty one' LOL obviously i chose it myself & not that they gave it to me!), staying back for night study which is pretty much actually time for us to hang out at the SCHOOL TOILET bathing & all!
Haha those were the times!!

Yessss, nh has the best toilets EVER.
Its so clean you can actually sit there & chitchat.
Which was basically what we always do to skip lessons LOL punk.
I rmb once Chrysan & I were chosen as victims for the firedrills & we had to disappear.
We hid in the toilets for a good one hour 15mins.

& window panes, LOL.
Some window panes were actually loose,
so we could hit it till it comes out & climb into the classrooms although they were locked!!
Everyone has a FREE locker but we dont actually lock them either!
We unscrew the bolt so we can just open the locker by pulling the lock!!!!
I packed my table ytd & saw the lock, :')

That's just some out of the million things i can tell you about nanhua.
'Welcome back to 41 Clementi Ave 1!', the two plaits in which we were so accustomed to that it doesnt even feel a teeny bit weird to tie it anywhere, the colourful class tees, the disciplinary comm that we always avoid, the shouting across the canteen just to call a friend, the way everybody knows everybody, the school song having a chinese version as well(bet your school only has english!!), the dragonflies mating season where they fly around our blue parade square as if its their pond, the countdown to Os banner & many more!!!!

I guess some of you couldnt fully appreciate what im writing as you werent from NH.
But i can tell you,
That was a good 4 years of my life.
The time spent there = (Y)

K guys go check out #nhtoocool for yourself!
Abrupt ending soz!!!!