Friday, May 20, 2011



Hey darlingsssss!

I've been much too obsessed about online shopping as all of you may know!
Spending lotsa kachingszxzxz$$ every week but definitely not regretting!
Another blogspot that caught my eye??

Here is their latest collection!
& have you noticed anything unique?
Im sure you have right! Look at the black lips!
Isnt it refreshing?
I mean, although black = dark & everything,
it's refreshing in a way that you dont actually see black lips on blogshops right?

I've got an idea! Like maybe they should have rainbow lips,
every collection different colour! Not too bad right?
But wait, then TBS would be called The RAINBOW Secret alr.
So no, my idea.........#fail.
(Pardon me if i dont make sense LOL)

it has just a mere 3 collections, the owner is experienced!
Very amiable & i went to check out reviews online,
most were that TBS is very efficient as well!
I mean, just check out TBS's twitter!
It is updated frequently & she'll reply to each & everyone of you!
Emails too, she reply them like lightning okay!!!!
I''ve not gotten anything yet but am definitely considering!

Some of the items in Collection3!

Look! Leopard preenz!!!!!!
Ranging from tops to bottoms to this & that, they have such a variety!!
So go check em out as soon as you finish reading this k!
Okay, wanna go check it out nao also can! HAHA

A dress in Collection 3, basic but with a lil accessories = win.

Having a tight budget? Not to worry!

The prices there are relatively cheaper compared to other shops!
+++ if you quote 'definemadness', you'll get 10% discount!!

10% OKAY.

& they are having
sales now with prices as low as $16!
Do check it out okayyyyy, GO GO GO.

& follow their twitter & facebook for GIVEAWAYS!