Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't stop keep it moving put your drinks up~

Hai guyss,
meet the new bench in school!
(& my really high socks + forehead *peekaboo)

Love my class girls for being mad enthusiasts and making retarded things fun!
Been searching madly for the Pioneers of the Caribbean tickets, supa stressed!
Like we dont really insanely care about the tics but we wanna find it!
@suanfong & I spent one and a half hours just walking arnd school looking for it.
Wasting our lives away but it is so annoying if we dont find it! HOW.
Ran arnd the school & Eunice was like 'Charlene! You only run for this kinda things!'
Hah true enough!

Hmmm few more pictures,
This was before class photo taking, we had so many random ideas,
'Cracccckpot' -Juliane hahaha
& we figured that 'We love Mr ___'; might just be too strong a word.

Been really slack these days, sighhhhh.
I really luv sleep, night guys:>