Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I cant wait.

I know it might be a little early to say this, but isnt this every girl's dream!
Chanced upon this blog which led me to this Vimeo with all the wedding videos of married couples & the such!
Here is one of my favourites!
& here is another!

OHMYGOD, i watched like most of the videos with a megawatt smile!
It is beyond sweet & everything!
Pardon the lack of vocab,
but i think if it was my wedding, i wouldnt stop crying please!
I just told Leslie it's MACHIAM DREAM COME TRUE.
Can you imagine, the fairytales you've been reading since young & the happily ever after, Cinderella's wedding, etc etc coming true???
I think also wanna cry plz!
(Pardon my broken english as well, im like that when im hyped & when i wanna get my point across!)

Hahaha cant wait for b to go online & watch it as well!
The videographer was good, so was the editing IMO!!


Time flyyyyyyy, fly now!!!!

+ i've got the best guy in the whole wide worldddd *TWIRLS.
Who actually entertains me when i daydream & tell me its gna be a dream come true in a few years time, wheeeeeeeeee :')

& i think i better train b to eat wasabi, seems like all the 'punishments' will include a segment on eating wasabi!