Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekends again.

Hello everybodyyyyyy!

Just decided to say hai for a bit.
I hate that the visits are spiraling down,
but im the one that's not blogging!

Spent the past 3 days lazing around, i shld ready get back to studying.
Caught Thor with Leslie ytd & it was pretty good!
Thor is handsome + hot HAHA
But Leslie was swooning over him more than me, no kidding!
Really funny at some parts, got the whole theatre laughing!

After which i went home, changed & met Wanlin, Deb & Amelia!
Shopped for abit, gng off track from our initial plan!
But we managed to get back, THANKS TO ME.
Amelia + Deb 'Omg lets go thereeee!'
Me 'Guysssss, lets stick to the plan!'
Me 'Uhm okay, lets shop first HAHA'
Have been spending quite a bit, i need to stop!!!
All the online shopping isnt helping either, im getting a package every other day!

Okay im gna go laze around.
Pardon the abruptness.
Did a post on the GE though, but decided against it again.