Monday, December 05, 2011

Mamma Mia


Back in Sg!!!
Miss me much?
It was a mega awesum trip srsly!!
With the tyrannical Charmaine, mad pesky Joy, most meatitarian retard(inside joke) of a brother!
& of course the older generation.
My first time in Kulai, at a relative's house!
The adults have been raving about it, so Charm & I decided to go checkitout!!^^

It is soooooo relaxing!
Minus the fact that the adults are kanchiong spiders and wake up at an unearthly hour of 8.30am.
It is a holiday for a reason!
But oh well, we woke up, did have a good breakfast, splendid lunch & more time to CAMWHORE.
But srsly, the kids(us) had only 3hours of sleep the first night cause we were too busy talking+playing!

Few visuals!!

1. Ipad app, pretty faces ikr.
2. Jacuzzi + Sauna
3. Filling it up with H2O.
4 and 5. Freaking hugeass pretty garden!! This is just like a small part!

Really spent an afternoon at the garden, polaroids + photos spam!
Really need to scan in the pretty princesses & show y'all!
Besides spending the entire time taking pictures, we went out for lunch/dinner and such, shopping as well! But otw back to Sg, I just realised how dangerous the place could be!
Our driver was 'attacked' by robbers!
& she was just doing her hair at the salon with 6 other women.
3 guys came in etc, armed and threatened them with knifes!
Luckily they gave all their kachingz and nobody was harmed.
But srsly, ridiculous!!!!
The robbers just walk inside and rob them. Sigh.

Apart from that, we played Snapword as well & SEA STARS.
Please dl this everyody!!!!!! Super fun!
As least for me it is!

Forgot what else we did there but whatever it is, it was time well spent and we all had fun!
Sayonara tilllll tmr!