Friday, December 02, 2011

Last day of November.

Visuals of the night.
Not much though, left the cam in the bag.

Went Phuture/Zouk with the Leslie, Chris, Deb, Melody, Colin, Japesh and Weijie.
LOL Weijie couldnt get in, sigh x a million.
But he got some NUS girls on hand etcetc i dont even know what went on.
Night was fantastic despite all the gibberish that happened!
Luv the whole friend gathering thing, but still sticking to the whole imma angel, everybody plz take care stance. (If that made sense.)

So thankful for Leslie, Colin & Chris who got my back the whole night!
They held me when im a LITTLE unstable, called out to me when im went to the toilet for a mighty long time, blocked guys who are..... yeah.
Met Josh, John & Maylynn as well, been a long time!
Chrysan as well, & she threw my contacts on the ground >:( HAHA
I was dancing with a blind eye supz.
Went to the boyf's crib aft, w Deb + Chris.
& that was like 5++am alrrrrrr.
Deb was the boss, she slept 3hours and kept prancing arnd the house SRSLY.
Wii, Running Man, SNSD, talking, it was just plain chilling without any worries.

The rest went home & i stayed, dinner with his parents, went back to his place to nua somemore. IM SUCH A BUG.

Gng to Kulai for the weekend with Charmaine, aka the most annoying aunt eva.
Aunt sounds old but she's like a 4years older only(?),
that's the beauty of my family.