Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Not much though cause it was pretty much time to relax since a week ago.
MCQ wasnt that bad either, ended the whole As journey with a ribbon on top.
Hopefully next March it wouldnt be too disappointing!
(& on a side note, some people are really ridiculous. It is our decision how we want to go about dealing with our As. Everybody is going through this same ardous journey. We can express how we feel about it on any platform as we wish, and those depriving others of this basic right is just plain demented. I know, that's a personal attack in itself but imma lianz like that.)
Anyway!! ITS OVER!!!
Was telling Leslie how it feels so surreal, like it may just be a dream?!
*cues 'It was only just a dream~'
Oh the horror, pinch self and OW.
Awesome, it isnt a dream!
It really is over!

& the above 5 lines is really redundant but to those who just ended As, it doesnt really matter cause we have freaking 8 months & you can read the above 5 lines for the entire day & it doesnt even matter!!!!!
Okay, getting a lil retarded + high here.

Before the last paper, i read an email sent by my Econs teacher.
Really awesome teacher who has put in so much for us(:
Anyw, he reminded me of things that we had forgotten or neglected while running in this rat race. In the midst of pursuing only good grades, we dont realise we are actually learning some skills.
We might not put these skills to use in future but some things may just be helpful someday.

All we are seeing now is that, OKAY we must study.
Purpose? To get good grades.
For? To make our parents proud, to have a better life, or JUST CAUSE WITHOUT THAT AAA/AA OUR LIVES WOULD BE RUINED.

Hahaha i wouldnt say this will be what EVERYBODY feels but as i see it, the majority?
Then we'll complain about the school, the education system, the everything.
& when we complain, nobody has thought about what if we dont study/are not compelled to study.
I mean, sure, people are complaining because the system is too stressful they say.
I agree, but we can also see it in a way that stress+competition keeps people going,
& isnt making oneself more uhmmmmmm 'advanced' in studies good?
(Pardon the vocab, or the lack thereof)
LOL i should stop this whole nagging-like paragraph.

What im trying to say is that, life may be better if you look at it in another perspective. & im not saying that we should just shut it and not complain! It is human to want to whine & let off steam, but it is always better to be +ve and love life the way it is. & if i wanna be a bitch, i'll say 'If you can do better and change the whole structure to make it more endearing, by all means go ahead.' I mean, it will be good if you succeed, the credit is all yours & you have the right to diss. But if you cant and just wanna be somebody that is unhappy with everything that happens around you, im sure you can tell how miserable life will be.
& think about what you say before you say it, sometimes it shoots right back at cha.
Comeon, lets be triggerhapz & spread some loveeeeeee

K, i feel like i just ruined my entire 'deep thoughts' paragraph by ending with the last two lines. Whatever^^
& freaking annoying, i bet people must be finding faults with the stuff i say, and trying to find something that i say that shoots right back at me.

Anyw, photos of today.

We are ridiculous, taking prints at age 19/18 and sitting at random secluded areas watch Zohan while waiting for the bus which we caught the wrong timing. Not forgetting Bishi Bashi & Daytona. My two favvvvv arcade games, & i own at it....i think. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AFT As. Searching for our 'life', but we rewinded too much and went back to the early teens. ANYW, MAIN POINT? As IS OVER SUCKAS. HEHEHEHEHEHE
(& as for the first pic, they werent so retarded, they were posing!)

& Instagram, sosocamera etc etc

Photo taken this morning in school before the paper; much heartfelt thanks to this wonderful boy who has always stayed by me despite me throwing my temper countless times and whining about being lazy to study(see i have my days as well!). He encouraged me, forced me to get up, made me study. He is the reason why im more docile now. Yes, lika little wabbit(:  HAHA damn gay.