Saturday, March 03, 2012


As has come to a close!
As, Bs & Cs,
it didnt end as well as i would want it to be,
but it's definitely enough.
I am thankful albeit disappointed.
Will deal with it thoughhhhhhhhh(:

I super love and thank each & every one that sent me 'All the best' texts and encouraged me. Gary, who wished me good luck through every medium available and telling me all sorts of inspirational stuff. Czl, Leon, KS, Demas and Hoongjia for helping me out with whatever im unclear about. Wanlin, Debbie and Amelia for giving me so so so much support & making me feel a thousand times better. Chunkit, Eun, Wenhui for gng through this shit together. Xiangliang for giving me her mama bear hug(: Tweety Claire for always understanding me so so well and being such an understanding and supportive bestie! Melody & Mag for also guiding me and helping me decide where i should head to. Corrine, Dengyang, Jessie, Chris for having zichar LOL k kidding, for the entire Kairos period. Colin for being my strong buddy who is booking in for field camp right aft As, jiayou. My family & Leslie's family for being so nice to me and recognizing my effort. &&& definitely LESLIE LEE WEN LI, thanks b for being so encouraging and not minding my crazy ass long whines the entire shitass day! Despite you yourself being drained out, you still gave your everything to cheer me up and to make my day a whole lot better.

What would i do without all of them (: