Sunday, March 11, 2012

So so precious.

Field camp day one.
The boy has to stay safe no matter what :)

Thinking a lot the day before & just last night about us.
I cannot be more thankful with what i have at this moment.
I have family by my side, a roof over my head & lotsa food to eat.

Besides all that, i have a boy who loves me so so much and never fails to make me happy.
His heart aches when im upset, he holds me when i cry.
He somehow knows what to do when im grouchy or when it's just one of my 'spoilt brat' days.
He helps me all the time such that im bordering on taking everything for granted.
What more can i ask for.
This sounds all so superficial but it really isnt.

He caused this major change in me (in my opinion),
in my perspective, my attitude, the way i treat people the way i do things.
I am glad to say that i have changed for the better,
& this is all due to the boy being such a great influence(:
Im sure he'll say the same too,
in a sense, i have quieten down a lot and realised life means more than what it is.
Less superficial and more realistic.
& Leslie? He became a whole lot of noise. HAHA
We are two very different people who met at the right time, i cant be more thankful.

The love i have for this boy is unimaginably deep.
& im sure it's mutual (: