Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of school!

Okay, today's the first day of school! & it feels so surreal!! Thank goodness for Eunice(we are taking the same 5 mods!) or else i'll be so lost. Also, thank goodness for Wee Ting, Siew Ying & Kar Yien! We were like a mini pj-fass gang, running around school figuring out what to do before school starts!

Eunice, Me, Wee Ting & Kar Yien!
Eun & I, just today! 
We wanted to take so we can look back hopefully 4 years later!

So, I had my first econs lecture today and honestly it was like Mr Chu repeating himself in my head again. Scarcity, Choice, Opportunity cost & PPC(now PPF) ha-ha-ha Eun & I were trying our best to pay attention! I was taught that two times alrrr. My failed first J1, kairos year J1. & now again hahaha i really feel like whining. But it should actually be a good thing and i should hope that the rest of the sem goes like that!! ^^v

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