Friday, August 10, 2012

From humans to lobsters!

Belated if you insist, that was yesterday!

Went down to Marina Barrage at 11am cause we were afraid of the crowd & guess what! We were actually too early! We either overestimated the kiasu powers of Singaporeans or we are the kiasu ones. I hope it isnt the latter but it seems like it...... Oh well.

Set up almost immediately!

Food glorious food ^^
1. Eclairs (Reminds me of Claire all the time WHY)
2. Biggest fishballs i've seen in my lifeeeeeee.

& putting them one above the other is giving me a headache ha-ha

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Chris & Dengyang poserzz cannot tank
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Kites we saw!
Some were humongous, some were funny & some were cute.

 Remember the penguin kite???
 Our 100th days date hereeeeeee.
 (& later you'll see Yari in action again, lol!)

& so not kidding, the same eel kite we saw on that date appeared yesterday too!
Picture was in earlier post too.
(I hate it when my finger blocks the photos !@#!$!@#!)

We also did dance dares and played card games! Where the forfeit for the first round was to go take a photo w the singer singing some Singapore song! I think she's called Lorraine? No prizes for guessing who lost. 

Who flies a kite like that...

 He was sleeping so soundly with his mouth wide open i couldn't resist making him eat something!

& the three pictures above! 
The RED team, WHITE team & the cutest ever GREY team!
HAHA i like how we dont plan what to wear at all,
& somehow there's still a pattern of some sort!

While the rest were chilling and getting terribly burnt by the sun.....


& i kept bugging cause i wanted photos of myself! (Like always)
& also, like always, the boy takes terrible photos of me, WHY OH WHY.
He figured it's just me, but obviously i strongly disagree!!!

 Yet, i take super nice photos of him, see ^
(Okay, in my opinion LOL)

Took Jessie's sunglasses from ah Les and damn, the photos look nicer!
According to him, i have to cover like half my face to look goodddddd:(
But anyway, i got me my photos!! HAHA #narcissist
Highlight of last photo? The two behind!!!! HAHA

Well, the day ended with the parade showing on big screen & everybody hit with a massive wave of patriotism. I like seeing how heartwarming it is. The cheers, the standing ovations & the smiles on each and every Singaporean. & i have to admit my favourite moment, like most people(i believe), would be when MM Lee stood out and appeared at that particular entrance. People on the stands flanking both sides of the entrance stood up and welcomed him with such enthusiasm! I was so relieved and touched that tears just came rolling down. I really really respect him. Honestly, look how far Singapore has come. When i was overseas, i can't help but feel so safe back in Singapore. I dont need to pay particular attention to my belongings(although yes, there is a need to!), i can lie on the grass and look up and see no wires crossing the skies here and there. I see such beautiful scenery. Yes, cost of living and all is rising, our income tax exploding into fireworks, people are unhappy. But if you just take a step back and marvel at all the good things rather than the bad, maybe life will be so much better & happier. Perspective.

&& YES, here's Yari folding the mat again <3 br="br">