Friday, September 14, 2012

Albeit hectic.

 Heh, hi guyssss ^^
In a happier mood today! (But no, i'm not even half done w my projects yet!)
Leslie is snoring away beside me! 
I feel like smacking him but i can't help feeling so blessed that he's right here with me #cheesy

Look at how happy he is with his L.A Clippers CP3 jersey! 
  Hehe my macho boy
So glad that he's happy!
(If anybody wants to get it, go check out the NBA Store! I didn't trust the cheaper ones cause somehow there will be issues with the authenticity!)

& me.....
I'm happy tooooo, w my new Eastpak from him!
I'm not letting it touch the floor EVERRRRRR.

 HAHA Okay, it was our 2 years anniversary on 08/09! 
He almost had to stay in camp, like always actually.
Army has been so good to us except on days we like to celebrate!
But his super awesome bunkmate offered to do the duty for him!
For free you know. How nice is that?!
So thankful :')

Hi b, this two years has been nothing short of perfect. It feels like a dream that can go on forever but smack, it's reality. I am really with the most wonderful guy there is. (& as usual, i have a lack of vocabulary so pardon me.) I can't believe what we have found and i still thank whoever there is to thank for all of this. Keeping it short and simple cause well, we still have 60 - 80 more anniversaries to go. By that i'm giving us another 80 - 100 years to live (& ohgosh, 100 sounds really long). Haha everything else is between us ;) #actmysteriousmuch hahahaha