Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sup, I'm Feecha-ing!


Just a few nights ago, I was dreaming about having dinner with friends at a really quaint cafe!
& I woke up to reality... 
I wasn't at a cafe and neither do I have food in my tummy!!!
What's more upsetting than that?!

HAHA this is what's more upsetting.
Not knowing where to find GOOD food with an AWESOME ambience!
I see pictures of pretty cafes and quirky stuff all the time on Instagram but I never know where those places are!

But but but I was introduced to this app called FEECHA!
Feecha is the neighbourhood news app to see what's happening around you!
You can now see if there's a live band performing at the local bar, a really good dish at the hawker center, a funny observation on the MRT, a sale at the nearby mall, or just a nice cafe to chill with friends!

Version 1 for Feecha was launched last year to 50,000 readers in Singapore & Malaysia
and they are now launching a Version 2 that is faster, bigger and better.
&&& it's a mobile app made in Singapore!

Awesumposssumz! (Long time since I've used this haha!)
With this app, I am able to explore new places and be more aware of what's going on around me! 
Hehe here's my profile! Just started a week or so!

Before you sigh and go 'Another social networking site?!?!'
I'm gna stop you and say 'NO IT'S NOT!'
Feecha is unique and it pulls from multiple sources like Instagram, Foursquare and Meetup. 
It then shows you what's relevant about your neighbourhood. 
The FeechaRank engine curates what's good and relevant versus what's not. 
It's the only app that can tell you what's happening in Clementi, Tiong Bahru and all around Singapore! 
Pretty cool huh?

Soooooo, how exactly do we use this app??

First up, you got to get the app!!!!
Feecha is free for iPhone and Android. You can download it here at!
Or just search Feecha using iPhone's App Store & Android's Google Play Store!

Once downloaded, you'll be led to this page:
 Just sign up for an account if you don't have one!
&& you can connect your Instagram account via Settings(at the top right) to post simultaneously! #convenient

Sooooo, let's say you're waiting at the mall for a friend and you're wondering what is going on in the area, JUST OPEN FEECHA and you can see what everyone is posting about in the vicinity!
You can be the one posting up stuff!
Caught the bold red S-A-L-E along the streets of Orchard or at your favourite store? Feecha it.
Weird sightings while waiting for your bus? Feecha it.
Having the most delicious meal ever at a new restaurant? Feecha it.

o Each feecha is a piece of news and they are represented by these cute one-eyed blobs you see in the picture above! 

o The bigger the feecha, the more popular it is and unpopular feechas will get smaller over time. This is what you'll see when you zoom in on a feecha! You can heart it and comment on it, increasing it's popularity and in turn, size! 

o The map shows only the biggest feechas. Zooming out to all of Singapore will show only the top stories! Use Activity view to browse through smaller feechas that aren’t popular enough to make the map. If you see a good one, heart it so it can grow bigger!!

o If you follow an animal, that animal will bring you feechas from its neighbourhood. This may be useful if you want to always know what’s happening in a certain area!  

For me, I follow my neighbourhood bunny!!!
 You see these animals all around the map, you can follow any of em!

Here are a few feechas i caught earlier on!
 & as you can see, the tiramisu feecha had comments asking haohao where he got it! 
This is my favourite part of the app other than its convenience! 
Hahahaha love how we can all share what's going on and discover new places!

I just posted this feecha!

& don't miss out the FEECHA TREASURE HUNT CONTEST!!!
Whenever you are in a new area, just open the Feecha app and you could win prizes like iPad minis, wireless headphones, shopping vouchers and other really cool stuff! 
Simply by opening Feecha in the right place and at the right time!
The prizes (click click) are pretty awesome so hurry get the app and dig them up!!
I've been digging and digging HAHA

& on a side note, in case you are worried that Feecha will drain your battery, it won't! Feecha does not utilize GPS in the background so it uses very little battery so yesss, we can use it all day long now!!

So yup, hurry go download Feecha and start Feecha-ing!! ^^