Monday, January 21, 2013


Figured I need to update this space a little!
Lesser guilt this time round though.

The above^ has been good to me so far, with school starting on the 14th. However, one week into school and I don't wanna carry on anymore someone please save my sorry ass. Okay i keedz. Taking EC2101, EC2104, LAJ2201, GEK1523 & GEK1527 this sem. Carrying on with my Japanese Language cause LAJ1201 was fun! But I'm kinda regretting now cause there's skit, show & tell etc etc and I'm not particularly awesome at speaking. #sighpie. Econs mods this time round, deciding to major in Econs over English though EL1101E made me reaaaally interested in EL. The two GEM mods are because I couldn't get the SSA & another GEM mod but so far I'm really loving them both! Esp GEK1527 Genes and Society. I AM SUCH A NERD BUT THIS MOD IS FREAKING AWESOME. It is beyond interesting! I'm not sure if you guys know but other than Dolly the sheep, there's Polly the sheep a year later and cloned piglets & cloned cows! &&& an alleged cloned baby girl called Eve. SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE I'M LOVING IT. There's more than just that soooooo I really recommend this mod although I've only had 2 lectures so far. It's still the first week of school! Maybe I can get down to doing reviews, seems a wee bit fun.

Here's Eun & I on the first day of Year 1 Sem 2!

Here's us on Year 1 Sem 1 click click.
Taking the exact same mods as her again and possibly for the rest of my years in NUS!

Okay enough geek talk!!!!!!!

This January has been spent planning Leslie's 21st & our photoshoot in March! Been to a distant aunt's wedding at One°15 Marina Club, celebrating Eunice's 19th with Weeting one month late, school, messing around with Corrine and sending her countless photos of me(hehe), supper with Leslie+his sec sch friends, dates dates and more dates with Leslie which also means food food and more food going into my tummy which again translates into fats fats and more fats. So far the 21 days in January has been good, hope it will be better!!!!

Here are some Instagram snaps and photos of my 2013 so far!

Oh yes, I really wanna share my day at the Mint Museum soon!!!
&&& there's gna have a Feecha sponsored post up on 30/01 so watch this space alright! TREASURE HUNT!!!
So till then huns! x