Monday, July 04, 2011

To be happy or to be sad?

Stayed over at Leslie's with Corrine, Jessie & Dengyang last night for a
*cues HP theme song*

Hahaha imma big fan so if you're a hater of HP, get lost tyvm.
Yes im mean like that.

Anyway i cant believe it, TEN MORE DAYS.
Put up this photo cause i preferred it over the 10days one that i saw.

HP Marathon the entire night & it took us like from 10pm till the next morning 2pm?
Fell asleep in between..
& in my defense, it was cause i rmb what's happening so i got lazy heh.
My cheesepie couldnt even stay awake through the first one!

Kinda watched them grew up overnight, love them as lil cutesy kidz!
Esp seamus, he was sooooo cute last time!

My fav bunch, minus-ing XOXOs from Ginny & throwing them all to Fred & George.
She look so much cuter when she's young!

& when it ends, should we all be happy to watch the last installment, or should we all be sad cause there wont be any other to look forward to?
SIGH. Both right.
But all in all, we got to thank JK Rowling for all these!
Feels like a deeeeeeeep part of us now aint it?

Heard the GV Max's HP Marathon which is gng for $98 to public/$88 to public is sold out except for the first row!
Luv y'all HP fansssss^^
+ people will either have to skip school or skip work for two days!
Wanted to head over there initially but school, my oh my.
HAHA i think people will be dressing up plzzzz, omg.

OKAY nuff HP spasm, this is just the minimal bit actually.
Wait, it isnt even minimal.
Okay byeeeeee, signing off to send a howler to the boyfriend.