Sunday, February 12, 2012

How rare.

Realised how little i've been posting compared to two years ago.
Even more so when it comes to personal opinions.
I kept quite a bit to myself now, cause i wouldnt want to be stomped or hit news like the famous Hosehbo & Aaron Tan or whatnots. Or more so, i wouldnt really share what's in my mind these days unless im with people i really could talk to?

I give credit for this to being a Kairos & to Leslie.
I kinda learnt a lot about life and simplicity in these two years.
Im not acting like im a super changed person etc, but i do believe i have come far from that superficial, bitchy, super crazy whiny annoying little shitass i have been in the past.

BUT TODAY, i just feel like sharing something.

I woke up this morning afternoon to a whole lot of tweets/fb statuses about Whitney Houston's death.
Truth be told, it annoyed me.
So i tweeted, 'Sighted: People jumping on the bandwagon again.'
& im not the only one who felt this way!
Well, at least Demas retweeted it, be it if it's about the same issue. LOL

This happens ALL the time, MJ's death, Amy Winehouse's death etc etc.
Seriously, i get it that they are great people who are majorly talented in their own way but why do people have to talk about it as if they have lived their entire lives obsessed about these people?
Like maybe you respect them, so you are kinda just wanna mention something like RIP.
That's okay.
But like doing it just cause people are talking about it?
Do you even know who they are? What they do? Their songs? How they may have inspired their fans?
I am not angsty, im just being slightly anal cause people like that are disgusting.
HAHA I feel so straightforward.
Im not pinpointing in general btw. #JUSTSAYING.

& i am not exactly fans of them, i respect them and i know they have belted out great songs. One of my personal favs from Whitney Houston was her duet(?) with Mariah Carey: When you believe.
That's just about one of the few songs i know.
I will thank her for this particular song which has inspired me, but i will not say any more to that cause i dont know her particularly, neither do i know what she has done & anything more about her.
I dont like jumping on the bandwagon.

I feel slightly bad, but disclaimer: It is only relevant to those who know nuts and want to make it seem like they are the world's biggest fans.