Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Day It Rained On Our Parade


Hello guysssssss ^^
Here is the post i've been tweeting about recently!
& it's especially close to heart because it is something about our country!!!!
 (Singapore flag on our faces!!)

Every year without fail, i'll be watching the NDP.
Be it at the stands, at the Barrage like i did this year or from the comforts of my own home, 
I never fail to feel this strong immense national pride!
Even overseas!! HAHA (look at this im so childish)

The only time i missed the parade was when i performed in it in 2006!
(Okay, actually, when I was a baby/infant/kid/etc too.)
Those were the times seriously.

As some of you may know, i'm definitely not a RUNNER.
But when i knew Nan Hua was a part of the NDP, i was so excited!!!
I had to run whether I like it or not,
but being part of the NDP was really strong motivation!
We ran across the fields, & moved here and there to get into the right formation.
Furthermore, I was in the 'supposedly priviledged' group because we got to hold flags and wear prettier blue costumes! HAHA
So I had to hold the flag(which was a heavy bamboo pole) and run!
But the experience was so worth it!

Look, our pretty blue costumes! It's really shiny too hahaha

It was roughly a 6 months preparation and every Saturday was spent practising!
Special memories were created and doing this with friends made it so much more enjoyable!

Here's a video of the TV telecast!
(It's quite blurry..)

So yup, this brings me to today's topic!!

Why this special year? 1968? 3 years after independence? So?

Another question. 
Ask yourself, have you even watched NDP or went there and damn, it was raining?
I think your answer would be no right? 

I remember sometimes, there will be slight drizzle in the afternoon which will cause a little panic. Like 'oh dear, is it going to rain today? What will happen to the parade!'
But i remember my grandma telling me, 'It's okay! PM Lee will chase the rain away!'
Haha too cute.
But as it turns out, the rain will stop & tadah! 

Since Independence in 1965, the only time it rained on our parade was 1968!

It was Singapore's 3rd National Day Parade and the rain was v v v v heavy.
But nobody ran for shelter and everybody held their ground!
Performers continued performing, soldiers continued marching and people continued cheering.
Spectators watching the parade from the balcony of Singapore Cricket Club – even upturned chairs were used as shelter!
 That is why 1968 is special.
It's not just because it's the only NDP that had rain.
It was because despite the rain, everybody braved it and supported the NDP.
The unity and pride for the country.

I wonder how it is like to be there on that day!
To be all standing there, really 'one united Singapore' man!


 Hehe tadah!
(Do like the page as well!)

How innovative right!
It's an interactive FB app which allows you to see how the situation was at the time!

1. There's a scrollable panorama of The Padang!
You can let it pan by itself or you can manually scroll to any part of the Padang!

2. There are photos from the 1968 parade!
At the box that says 'Take a walk down memory lane to NDP'68'
You can just click and view!
Flag-bearing contingents preparing to march across the waterlogged field
 Yup, you get to see actual photos!

3. It has a comic-book style interpretation of the iconic day!
This is done by Imaginary Friends Studios who worked on stuff like Batman, DOTA etc!
Look at the pictures!
This caught my attention especially!
PM LEE HSIEN LOONG was in this military band!
He was performing at the 1968 parade!
& him, like all the other performers, braved the heavy rain as well!
4. There are stories of 7 characters to show you different perspectives!
There will be these "upside down tear drop" markers where you can click 
and it will show you their story!
Like the picture below.
The story will be in the small red box!
A short story but it will really show you how they felt at that moment.

In conjunction w the app, a 4-part drama was shown in Aug!
But you can still catch it on Xinmsn!

Also, there will be a documentary on:
16 September 10.45pm (Channel 8)
17 September 9pm (Vasantham)
24 September 8.30pm (Suria)

I had fun reading the stories in the app and yes, i really love Singapore! Sometimes i wonder if we will do what the people did in 1968 and i really hope that Singaporeans will! I mean, okay maybe with the umbrellas instead of the chairs. But really, Singapore has come so far and i am forever so nationalistic so pardon me. One thing that struck me when i was at the briefing yesterday was that the people weren't there to see the elaborate laser lights and big displays we have now. It was a very simple affair and everybody was still very supportive. The march past was along the streets of Havelock Road and people stood at the sides watching them. I really like how they stood as one, whether rain or shine.

So do go check the app out and have fun w it!^^v