Tuesday, December 04, 2012



I was looking for a 'fast forward jumping' video on Youtube that describes exactly how i feel
Oh well, I hope you get the idea of how i feel!!!!!
*jumps jumps jumps jumps x fast forward.
& nope, as much as I wanna show you guys exactly, I'm not gna do that video myself.
But here's a webcam gif heh.
gif creator at gickr.com
Sigh, this will haunt me in time to come.

Gna make up for it with a pretty pictureeeeee ^^
(according to me)
 HAHA here am I with the 7-Eleven pizza snacker!

Went for the 7-11 Bloggers gathering/prize presentation with Leslie the other day!
 (Really don't like this picture but it's the only one we took that day.)
We almost couldn't make it as he was held up in camp!
But in the end, he made it out early so we got to go! 
*Thank you army for all the love you have given us. 

In case you're wondering, I did a sponsored post for 7-Eleven earlier!
Click HERE to read ^^
& they invited the Top 12 for a gathering!
See this collage hahahah, THERE'S TWO OF ME.
 YES, still a little upset I wasn't Top 3 though, the $$.... HAHA
But I really had fun with the post + the gathering!

They gave each of us a milk chocolate slurpee once we step in!
Their new product, Leslie & I didn't really fancy it! Love the coke one etc.

They brought us on a tour around their new concept store, cafe style!
& yes, I only took photos after the gathering was over....explains the dirty tables!:/
Yup, this store, at UE Square 81 Clemenceau Ave, has tables & chairs for people to chill!
Definitely new in Singapore hahaha
Really like sitting there and chatting! Would have been better if my exam the next day weren't bugging me.

After the tour we scored a feast!
There was this thing called the Oden, where you can have piping hot noodles etc straight away!
Here's the Mr trying it out! 
& it actually taste really good you know!
There's like cheese fillings in the meatballs and different types of fillings it's making me hungry now.

& hehe, everything on the table for ussssssssss ^^

Me with the butter chicken turned soya chicken rice and pizza snacker!
We had the Oden as well, the Craze Hotties, some Mango pudding & the Orange juiceeeee^^
I was SO excited to put everything in the microwave HAHA
1st time trying that out so pardon meeee.

While feasting, we had the prize presentation and the phototaking!
Yup, that's me and my fat face with the rest!

 Left the place with goodie bags aft!
& back home to study WAHAHAHAH IT'S OVERRR^^

Will definitely be back here more often and will update with a selling post soon!
So excited for what December holds and trying to put January at the back of my mind. 
No more thoughts about school, at least for now.
It won't be long till I'm back so keep checking x